Curio Card #18: The Oracle Card which predicted Dogecoin Moon Mission in 2017

The complete Curio Card collection (including misprint 17b) from 2017. The world’s first Ethereum based NFT project.

To The Moon: Curio Card #18

Curio Card #18: To The Moon (by Cryptopop)
Source: CNBC

SpaceX’s Dogecoin Moon Mission for 2022

Source: Twitter

The fulfilled Prophecy of Curio Card #18

To The Moon: Fullfillment of a Prophecy

Curio Card #18: One of a Kind

Curio Card #18 Token Info:




Sharing hidden crypto gems with you. #CURIOCARDS #MATIC #NFT #ETH

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Sharing hidden crypto gems with you. #CURIOCARDS #MATIC #NFT #ETH

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